Export outside the EU

A proper and smooth handling of the processes related to the import and export of goods is essential.

When exporting goods outside the European Union (EU), an export declaration is mandatory. This declaration allows the customs authority to assess the nature of the exported goods. Furthermore, the export declaration serves as mandatory proof that the goods have actually left the EU and that the 0% VAT rate can be used on the sales invoice.

Import from outside the EU

When importing goods from outside Europe, an import declaration is mandatory. This is used to determine the VAT and import duties that are owed for importing the goods. When the customs authority releases the goods, you will receive a removal authorization which you will need to take possession of your goods.


When goods from outside the EU cannot be or are not yet allowed to be imported but they do need to be transported to a recipient within or outside the EU, a transit document (T1) must be drawn up.

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