What we do

Shipping & forwarding, worldwide

Kooy Logistics is your expert partner in international land, sea and air transport. With over thirty years of experience, we offer tailor-made logistics solutions at the lowest possible rates.

Sea freight

Sea freight tailored to your needs. We transport your goods all over the world with a personal approach.

Air freight

The fastest method for transporting goods. With our expertise, we make sure your goods are delivered to the right place.

Rail freight

Faster than sea freight and more affordable than air freight. The ideal solution for transporting goods to and from China.

Road transport

We have the right solution to accommodate every need. With road transport, the possibilities are endless. Kooy Logistics offers all modalities.

Project cargo

Not everything fits inside a standard container. Ask us about the best logistics solution for your project cargo or goods with unique dimensions.

Bovenaanzicht haven containers


We are intimately familiar with the international transport sector. We are happy to handle the customs documentation on your behalf, so you can ship your goods without concern.